Object Oriented Programming for All

- GUI Classes -


This is the result of a first Brainstrom about designing GUI in a OO way. Besides the mostly selfexplaining gfx , two things have to be explain further.

Don`t even think about JAVA LayoutManager! :-) Ok, my concept uses a Manager to manage the incoming IntuitionMessages for a specific window. He sends this message to all kown objects which can decide if they are meant or not. All Object register themself to a given Manager.

Gui objects should be changeable to a style. All renderjobs are send to a StyleObject which draws i.e. all borders, lines or graphics. The StyleObject decides if an edge has to be drawn round or in multicolor. A seperate StyleObject can be applied to each GUIobject, but you can just use one to get the same style to every object.

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